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The E60 Challenge Details:

I am so excited to get you a trial of the Thrive Experience and introduce you to my simple 3-step morning routine that helps me Thrive in every area of life! These 3 simple steps have helped me divorce coffee, wake up earlier, become the morning person I’ve always wanted to be, have clean all day energy to keep up with life’s never-ending to-do’s and FEEL GOOD while doing it! I am consistently happier, have amazing focus, mental clarity and am far more productive throughout the day. My philosophy is this, when you feel good, you do better! The Thrive Experience helps me wake up and feel my best every day so I can do my best, compound that over time and you get some pretty amazing changes not just in how you feel, but in every area of life! 

I know it sounds too good to be true, that 3-simple steps can help with all of that, plus so much more. I was a full-blown skeptic too until I experienced these products for myself! That’s why I love offering trials so you can take my favorite morning routine for a test drive and experience it for yourself.

Please understand that this is NOT a quick fix miracle product, this mini experience is only FEW DAYS of a 60 Day Challenge. You may or may not notice much in the first few days, I always encourage my clients to first pay attention to the quality of the product and how simple the routine is to add into your life. Keeping in mind that day 10 is really the sweet spot where this product has time to compound in your system and really work how it’s supposed to.

Please note the E60 Challenge with the Thrive Experience trial is NOT the same product we use for hair growth in the Mermaid Gang, if you’re looking for help on your hair growth journey, please click here.

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What is The E60 Challange?

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