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Hi there! I’m Kinsey

You may know me as the Mermaid Queen. I lead a multi-million dollar sales organization called the Mermaid Gang where we specialize in helping women grow their best hair! Our hair growth systems have helped thousands of women all over the world transform their hair and grow their confidence.

I am a branding and marketing expert; I coach and train growth minded people on how to build online businesses from their phone. I am passionate about helping people create a winning mindset and strong habits to unlock their potential and grow in every area of life. 

My goal is to teach you strategies on how to take control of your mental health in a positive way to have happier days, have more confidence and live a more fulfilled life, all while actively working towards becoming the next best version of yourself.

Join Us In the Mermaid Gang Community!

The Mermaid Gang is an encouraging community of women growing their best hair together! Our mermaids maximize hair growth with a premium collagen protein gel supplement paired with the unique Mermaid Gang Hair Growth System. We specialize in helping women growing longer, thicker, & overall healthier hair.

It’s 2023, and I’m excited to announce I am….

Mrs. Utah International

As Mrs. Utah International, I am focused on breaking down the stigma around self-harm and teaching people how to create healthy emotional coping skills to take control of their mental health in a positive way. My Happier Days platform is providing people with tools and strategies to create strong habits to overcome any challenge in life. Follow my journey and see how you can get involved.

What I love about the Mrs. International pageant is its goal to provide women the opportunity to compete in a pageant system that maintains the highest of moral values. Follow my journey and see how you can get involved as well.

Happier Days Podcast

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