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If you want long, strong, healthy hair, or to encourage others who are struggling with this….you’ve come to the right place.

The Mermaid Gang is an encouraging community of women growing their best hair together! Our mermaids maximize hair growth with a premium collagen protein gel supplement paired with the unique Mermaid Gang Hair Growth System.

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Founder Kinsey Ray knows the challenges of growing “mermaid hair” firsthand. After years of trying everything to have beautiful hair, she fried her hair off with bleach and was absolutely devastated. She tried every pill, powder, shampoo, serum, and DIY method she could find, only to be left frustrated by the lackluster results. Kinsey decided to launch a hair growth mission and fulfill her dream of having thick, healthy hair once and for all.

In 2016, Kinsey finally stumbled upon a unique collagen gel supplement that would change her hair growth game forever. Within 90 days, she saw serious results, with faster and thicker growing hair. When other people started noticing and wanted to know the big secret, Kinsey knew she had to spread the word about the amazing hair growth product and help other women get real results. Today, the Mermaid Gang is a global community of 3,000+ women strong of all different ages, hair types, and hair struggles. Although not every woman wants long mermaid hair, we believe that every woman deserves to grow her BEST hair possible. There’s no better feeling than rocking out your natural hair and knowing you’re in control.

When you start hair growth journey with the Mermaid Gang and order our collagen protein, you will receive a complimentary copy of our Mermaid Gang hair growth guide to help you maximize results with the collagen. In this hair growth guide we will teach you all the best hair growth tips and tricks, what products to use, what products to avoid, and give you our personalized daily/weekly hair care routine that helps stop breakage and promotes hair growth! Our goal is to help set you up for success on your hair growth journey for life!


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What does the Mermaid Gang help with?

Longer hair

Thicker hair

Stop breakage

Recover and grow from hair loss

Overall healthier hair

Heal bleach or coloring damage

Help you grow past your “stuck point”

Helping you divorce your extensions and grow out your natural hair

Help mamas grow their hair back post baby

Join Us for a Mermaid Meetup!

If you are someone who shares a passion for growing out your best hair and helping others do so too, let’s meet up! I’m constantly traveling for speaking engagements and Mrs. Utah International but I would love to meet up with other women in the Mermaid Gang. Sign up below and let me know what city you’re in.

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