First Week with Adult Braces – Must Haves, Tips, & More!

Well I survived my first week with adult braces, only 103 weeks left to go! Here are my main take-aways from adjusting during the first week of getting braces, the products I’m so happy I had on hand, and some tricks I’ve learned so far that have helped me have a more pleasant experience. I’m no expert yet, but I think I had a very positive first week experience, here’s what I found help me get through it with virtually no problems!

I bought a whole mess of stuff before my braces appointment, things I found recommended in groups and youtube videos. This is my first time having braces so I truly was stepping into a whole new world. I wasn’t sure what was actually necessary, so I bought it all! Here is a list of the things I’ve used so far and am super happy I had on hand, 10/10 recommend stocking up on this stuff before your appointment. In the video below I explain how and why I used these items to make for an easy first week!

Get a full list of everything I bought by clicking here, but these were the top few things that saved my life this first week!

Surviving life with adult braces, braces must haves

Braces Survival Kit

Another thing to note as you start your braces journey, is your teeth are going to be SORE. It will be really hard to chew a lot of things, so you will have to be prepared with easy to eat food during the first week or so. Here are some recipes that saved my life this week!

Overall it’s been a really great first week experience, minimal pain (just hard to chew, especially with these buttons). The biggest adjustment has been the new oral hygiene routine, learning how to use these new gadgets and how to best clean around this hardware. The lisp is slowly but surely going away and I’m still happy I made the decision to embark on this journey. I will keep you up to date with more tips and tricks as we continue forward. Join for the daily updates on instagram @themetalmouthmermaid