How to Get a Bikini Body

Have you ever felt embarrassed of your body?
Has that embarrassment prevented you from living it up during summer or on vacation?
You can’t seem to fully enjoy yourself because too worried about covering up so people can’t see your flaws.

Trust me, I’ve been there. For 5 years I only wore pants through the summer so people couldn’t see my scars.
I was so worried about what people would think if they knew the truth. I was so paralyzed by fear, scared that people would judge me for what I did. I let that fear rob me of joy, I let that fear hold me back from fully enjoy summer, I let that fear of people’s judgements stop me from loving myself, scars and all.

I literally thought traffic would stop, people would gawk, point, and stare at me if I dared to show my bare legs to the world. So I hid, I hid my legs from the world for years because I was so afraid of what people might think of me. I finally realized it’s JUST SKIN!! I came to the terms with the fact that these scars weren’t going to magically disappear one day and they would be with me for life.

So I really had two choices:
I can be embarrassed and hide from the world for the rest of my life because I’m scared of peoples opinions..
I can embrace who I am, even if it’s not perfect, stop caring about what people might think and enjoy my freaking life!

As you can tell I picked option number two, I set myself free from worrying about other’s opinions of me and I put that energy towards loving myself and my scars. And guess what, traffic didn’t stop when I showed my bare legs to the world, people didn’t point and stare…the only person that cared about these scars on my legs was me.

I hope you let go of your fear this summer.
I hope you let go of any embarrassment you may have about your body have this summer.
I hope you fully embrace who you are and love yourself a little more this summer, flaws and all.

Life is way too short to wait for the “perfect bikini body” before you finally decide to rock the bikini.
Guess what, if you have a bikini and you have a body, congratulations!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about self improvement and working towards being my absolute best self, I’m working towards the next best version of me all the time! But you can’t wait till you “arrive” to your best self before you “allow” yourself enjoy life, celebrate your body, and rock out in a bikini at the pool! You will never fully arrive to your “perfect self” (perfect doesn’t exist by the way). There will always be something more to work on, something else to improve, another level to rise to, and that’s great! That’s the whole purpose of this life is to continue to grow and evolve into our best selves. But please don’t forget to enjoy the journey along the way and celebrate your body as it is right now!

So what if you have scars, stretch marks, fat, cellulite, extra skin, whatever! Who cares?!
You. You are the only person that cares. You are the only person judging you. You are the only person holding you back from rocking that outfit or swimsuit you so desperately want to wear. Stop it!

Wear it.
Rock it.
Live it up.
Embrace yourself! Embrace your body! Embrace your flaws!

Because guess what? No one has a perfect body. Even that “perfect” girl on instagram has things she’s self conscious about. She has skin on her belly that folds over when she sits down. We all do. This human body isn’t designed to look 100% perfect all the time, so we need to quit expecting it to. We need to quit being so critical of ourselves because we don’t look like these photoshopped, filtered photos and love ourselves as we are.

Stop spending so much energy hiding yourself from the world and use that energy to love yourself for all that you are. Use that energy to go live your life to the fullest. Use that energy to love that beautiful body of yours! You deserve it. Your body deserves it.